The Ultimate Black Hills Cabin Rentals

Are you considering a trip to South Dakota and looking for the best Black Hills Vacation Rentals? You’ve landed in the right place! Many great spots exist for you and your crew, whether your group is big or small.

Check out the following options to consider for your stay, especially if you’ve never visited before. Here are some of our most popular Black Hills rentals for you to choose from! 

exterior of rental

Vista Pines

First, check out the Black Hills cabin rental Vista Pines. This massive property is great for larger groups, especially those celebrating a special occasion. Found in Sturgis, South Dakota, this spot is great for relaxing whether it is an entire family or group. This cabin offers 4.5 bathrooms and   5 bedrooms. This black hills cabin offers full master beds, a BBQ grill, a hot tub, air conditioning, plenty of included parking, taxi services, kitchen amenities (and every appliance that you can think of), and so much else.

indoor pool

High Country

We call this one the “High Country Pool House,” and can you venture a good guess as to why that is? Well, if you guessed it having anything to do with a massive pool in the high country, then your guess would be correct. The entire cabin, all in all, is a total of 2,400 square feet; talk about some massive open space, right? Two twin beds are included in the whole setup, as well, in case you’ve got a pair of kids who would like to bunk up together (or adults, too, perhaps). 

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Eagle Crest Nest

Eagle Crest Nest is likewise all about providing comfort at doable rates at the end of the day. This rental offers the same number of bedrooms that Vista Pines offers. And their overall square footage would be no less than 4,600 sq ft. That is massive, when you really stop to think about it. Enjoy this cabin rental in the Black Hills, bring the entire family, friends, and more!

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Copper Skies

With 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms to pick from, Copper Skies can accommodate most of what the average family needs and much more. They have got everything in the way of kitchen and bedroom amenities, too, such as gas fireplaces, serving bowls, pizza pans, pull-out beds, cable TV, etc. And the aim is to leave no traveler behind! This rental even has a full pool and a hot tub in the clubhouse, in case you want to stop and soothe yourself.

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Glass Lodge

The Glass Lodge is pretty close to Mount Rushmore, so if you have a nice vacation full of to-do plans for right in that area, then staying here can be ideal for your whole group. It is also one of the more private and quiet types of lodges in this area, if you can believe that. This Black Hills cabin rental specializes in quietness and comfort and will assure you of nothing less. Enjoy the vaulted ceilings and cozy fireplace. Don’t miss the patio, this cabin gives you 6 full chairs and 2 tables, and you can request additional ones as well!

Plan Your Stay

For rentals in the Black Hills, if they’re cabins, especially, we have got you covered. Talk to us for more details. We love bringing new visitors to the stunning hills of South Dakota, and we hope that you’ll be next! 

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Cedar Lodge on 17

With 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, this is a cozy little place that hits the spot when you want to keep your party a little smaller but still have a good time and relax. Cedar Lodge stands out for many things with its great location, one such thing being that the Boulder Canyon Country Club is right nearby. And if you are there, you have to check it out – this one of the best-known types of 18-hole golf country clubs around, perfect for improving your golf game while you’re on vacation. 

living room inside rental

Bella Luna

6 bedrooms, 5.5. bathrooms, not bad, now, is it? And its name, in Spanish, technically translates to “beautiful moon.” And yes, at night, you can come out on your balcony and see the stars! Such breathtaking moments are not meant to be captured by camera alone! Come and check it out – and to add to that, this cozy Sturgis, SD cabin rental also has its very own dining area that can seat over a dozen people at once. 

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Mountain View Adventure Lodge

If adventure is calling your name, then this place is not optional, you have to visit. 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, and all in the lovely city area of Lead, not far from a couple of the other properties just mentioned. But what is special about this one is the very plain and simple fact alone that it has got some of the best rates of all these places! A minimum stay of 2 nights is always required, though; keep that in mind.

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Black Diamond Lodge

Also in Lead, this is a great lodge for all ages that features 5 bedrooms as well as 4.5 bathrooms. It meets the highest expectations for quality and is ideal for around 16 people to stay in all at once. If you are a family traveling it even has cribs with bed rails, in case you have a small infant or toddler. This is a super safe feature to have, in addition to other great amenities like blenders, coffee makers, cake pans, a refrigerator of decent size, and more! 

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Liberty Lodge at Terry Peak

This one’s a massive, 6-bedroom place with 3.5 bathrooms, so you’ll easily get some room to move around in, as you can already tell. Almost everything here is notably made of quality logwood, which really helps maintain the respect for nature and its beauty here. And have we mentioned there’s a nice, little foosball table, too, that you can hit up the moment you get there? Fun, comfort, beauty, excellence – this place seems to have it all, does it not?   

With all these places mentioned, picking one can be the toughest choice of all,  no one will deny that. Our team knows how to help you select the best cabin rentals in the Black Hills and save some money when you need it most.