“June 2013 “Everyone who attended our family reunion and 90th Birthday Party for my mother was exceptionally pleased with the facilities. You can put a great group of people into bad lodging and it will be a marginal experience at best. But our great group of people enjoyed exceptional accommodations– up-to-date, clean, and plenty of accoutrements for cooking, hot tubbing, recreating, and just lounging. The 2 lodges exceeded my expectations, although they were pretty high given the great service I got from your staff in reserving the units and getting questions answered. I was actually a hero with my family for renting Moonshadow and Hoofprints. People asked how I found these great homes for rent. Little did they know that I just took a chance based on the professionalism of the staff, the website, and the pictures on-line. So, thank you for all your help and for running a great organization where we really got value for our dollar spent.

I believe I already called about the “problems” with the units, which were minimal. The HVAC guy, Dave, was very nice and got the water heater fixed on Sat.

I hope you found the houses in good order when we left. We will definitely consider renting there again. In fact, my sister from Boulder, is planning to bring a group of friends to the Black Hills just to stay at Deer Mountain. ”

Many thanks. You all rock!!