Historic Places to Visit in the Black Hills

The history of the Black Hills stretches back centuries. With such a rich and diverse history, it’s easy to plan a Black Hills day trip with so many things to see and do in the area. Better yet, make a family-friendly vacation out of it!

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Gold Mountain Mine

The Gold Mountain Mine was started at some point during the latter part of the 1870s and actually remained an active mine up until 1942. Due in part to its more recent shutdown, Gold Mountain Mine is actually one of the few standing mines in all of the Black Hills. A current reconstruction project is ongoing to help preserve the mine and its site for future generations.

Keystone Historical Museum

For a piece of Black Hills history, be sure to check out the Keystone Historical Museum. You’ll have the opportunity to walk through a historic schoolhouse that houses great pieces of Keystone History.

keystone historical society sign

Within the museum, you’ll be able to see exhibits on people and events such as Gutzon Borglum the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills Gold Rush, and Carrie Ingalls, the author of Little House on the Prairie.

Spokane Black Hills Ghost Town

There might not be a more historic place in the Black Hills than the Spokane Black Hills Ghost Town. Founded in 1890 to extract gold, the mining town proved to have more than just gold with silver, copper, zinc, and several other minerals being mined.

The town itself peaked in 1927 totaling a profit of over $2 million in what is today’s money. Although the town was wildly successful, it was not to last. By 1940, Spokane and the mine had all but been abandoned. Today, visitors can visit the still-standing structures of the ghost town and truly take a step back to a simpler time.

Old Fort Meade Museum

Established during the winter of 1878, Fort Meade was to provide military assistance against the Sioux people on behalf of the local miners and settlers. Throughout the Fort’s long history, some shining moments stand out. One moment happens to be the fact that Fort Meade opted to play the Star-Spangled Banner long before it became the National Anthem.

Today, visitors from all around can come to tour the historic site. Located within the former commanding officer’s headquarters, the Old Fort Meade Museum offers an in-depth look at the detailed history of its namesake.

Plan Your Visit

With all these historic places in the Black Hills, any history lover or a parent looking to educate their young children would be thrilled to visit here. With Executive Lodging of the Black Hills, your home away from home is just moments away. Give us a call or visit us online to book your Black Hills cabin rental now!