Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Black Hills Pheasant Hunt

The idea of a full day walking through the woods, not a care in the world, sounds like a pretty good start to a great vacation. And for many, that is exactly what they are after. A way to get back to nature, to enjoy the scenery and everything that it has to offer. We believe that the best place to truly get back out into nature and enjoy it is in the Black Hills. 

Located in South Dakota, the Black Hills are a gorgeous mountain range where you can truly step into nature and enjoy everything that being in the great outdoors entails. The best part about any good pheasant hunting in the Black Hills is that the region is public hunting land, giving those with a license the ability to hunt freely. 

However, before jumping into the wilderness there are a few things that you need to know. 

man and dogs hunting

Hunter Education

The best way to get any kind of hunter education is to ensure that you have your hunting license. There are different licenses depending on the type of game you plan on hunting, but the pheasant license is one of the more popular ones in the Black Hills. While getting your license you will learn about the do’s and don’ts of hunting, and everything else that you will need to know. The hunting season opens in mid-October and will generally last until the beginning of January. Guests who obtain a license can indulge in other things to do in the Black Hills, like doe and whitetail hunting.

What You Need to Bring

man holding a rifle

The list of things to bring for a hunter isn’t very long, but you will want to make sure to check everything off that list. For those who are just venturing into hunting for the first time, staying at some of our cabins near Spearfish can provide you with local places nearby to rent everything that you will need for the trip. You will want to make sure that you have a shotgun and plenty of ammo. Both can be purchased in Black Hills at shops like Dakota Gun Cleaners and Southern Hills Tactical.

One of the most important things to ensure you have is some bright orange hunting clothing, which is safety for yourself, as it lets other hunters know that you are not a target. A sturdy pair of walking boots for the long hours you will spend walking is also a necessity. We also highly recommend a pair of shooting glasses or protective sunglasses to prevent any shell particles from hitting your eyes. And be sure to pack up all you need when staying at the cabin rentals in Spearfish. We offer plenty of storage space in the cabin.

Where Should You Go?

With our incredible cabin rents in Spearfish, we highly recommend you plan your hunting trip for Spearfish and the Black Hills Area. Not only is the close proximity a winning feature, especially for novice hunters, but the Black Hills Area is a public hunting area, giving you less to worry about in means of where you are allowed to hunt. Hunting in public can often be tricky without knowing the area too well, but being in a public hunting area gives you the peace of mind in knowing that anywhere you hunt in that area is completely legal.

Plan Your Next Stay

We have cozy cabins available year-round that are perfect for any size hunting party that you might bring. Pick up the phone and give our amazing customer service team a call at 605.578.3555 and let us book your next hunting vacation in the Black Hills.

Where to Stay?

With incredible Spearfish cabin rentals that put you right near the best hunting areas, Executive Lodging is the place that you want to choose for your next hunting trip in the South Dakota area.