Cruise Through the Black Hills on These Open Top Tours

Your next trip to the Black Hills is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget, but you might be wondering the best way to see all the sights in the shortest amount of time. Consider embarking on an open-top tour! Open top tours are some of the most exciting Black Hills things to do and give you the perfect way to learn about the area and its history and wildlife.

Here’s everything you should know about the open-top tours available near our Black Hills cabin rentals! 

About Open Top Tours

Open top tours allow you and your family to pile into a special van to see the best sights of the Black Hills. While you’re driving through, you’ll be able to stick your head through the top of the van to get a birds’ eye view of all the best attractions! Your excursion will put you in the trusty hands of your driver and guide, who can teach you all about the historical sites and natural wonders you’re seeing along the way, making this one of the best and most interactive outdoor activities in the Black Hills!

Plan Your Vacation

You’ll need a place to rest after enjoying all the family-friendly things to do in the Black Hills. Executive Lodging has comfortable cabin rentals full of amenities to keep your vacation full of fun and relaxation.

Types of Tours Offered

Black Hills Open Top Tours offers five different types of tours, allowing you to customize your experience just to your liking. You can embark on the stunning Jeep Bison Safari Tours through Custer State Park. You can also explore the Mount Rushmore/Crazy Horse + Safari trip or head off the beaten path onto the RVs Can’t Go There Tour! Their other tour options include the Badlands National Park tour and the Deadwood-North Hills tour. Of all the things to do in the Black Hills, these open-top tours are unique and customizable since there are five different tours to choose from.

Plan Your Tour

All of the above excursions are available through Black Hills Open Top Tours. To book your tour, you can visit their website and fill out their information tour, then you’ll be able to speak with the staff before you pay for your tour via PayPal or credit card. Costs and times vary by tour, but they can range in cost from $109 to $199 per adult. Most tours will take your entire day, giving you plenty of time to experience the nature around you.

Where to Stay

After seeing the best attractions, wildlife of the area and experiencing family-friendly fun in the Black Hills, head back to your rental to freshen up and grab some dinner! Our cabin rentals in the Black Hills are comfortable, luxurious, and affordable, perfect for groups of all sizes and budgets. If you’re not sure which of our many properties would be best for your family, simply contact us, and we’ll help determine the best cabin for you! Contact us today to learn more!