Winter in the Black Hills

The Black Hills are coated in a perfect layer of “white gold”- the softest and most spectacular snowfall of any season. It’s the thin roughly 13-feet coating that provides that slick and perfect slide through the slopes.

It is exactly this fine white snow that attracts tens of thousands of annual visitors to the slopes of Black Hills. Skiing and snowmobiling are undoubtedly two of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding winter activities in the Black Hills. But you can also find plenty of places for some good Black Hills snowboarding. There’s so many ways to enjoy the brisk temperatures and the delicate snowfall of the season.

Ski the Black Hills slopes in style. Navigate up to 7,000 feet, tackling the big verticals and the open snow plains in the highest mountaintops on the state. Try some of the more challenging courses or ease up. Find your approach and stick with it.

Most of the best Black Hills skiing can be found in the epic Black Hills National Forest. The thick of the forest is largely abandoned during the winter, with small groups of snowmobilers navigating through the terrain and enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders sifting through the gorgeous landscape.

Wide creeks are iced over in a gorgeous glaze. Limestone palisades float beautifully in the icy slopesides.

It is another world. You can enjoy the exquisite setting any way you want. Snowboard the even terrain, snowmobile through the forests, ski down the sides: check out all the possible things to do in the Black Hills at your speed.

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