There’s no better way to experience the thrilling draw of the Black Hills than by hiking outdoors. It’s whimsical, ethereal, and infinitely rewarding. Filled with magical vistas and challenging obstacles, the Black Hills will reward you and test you in inspiring ways.

Hiking can carry you to the most impressive sights in the state. You can scan the edge, and the rich drop, of Spearfish Canyon. You can seek out majestic cliff sides. Some, you can even take an organized and guided leap off. We recommend taking a visit to the mass expanses of Custer State Park. The area is home to hillside sights that have formed over centuries and beyond.

Hiking can be as ambitious or as easy as you want. You can explore the outdoors at your own speed. You can find family friendly activities in Black Hills to encourage nice and easy hiking (like a trip to Sylvan Lake) as well as ambitious fun things in Black Hills to test your limits (like a multi-mile romp along the Cathedral Spires Trail).

And when the sun starts settling for the night and the air gets just a little crisper, you can escape to one of our vacation rentals near Black Hills. Our rentals include:

  • Close proximity to top local attractions, like Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore and Sturgis
  • Hot tubs and/or Jacuzzi
  • A warm and cozy cabin décor for a large family
  • A stunning loft space
  • Family game room for hours of entertainment
  • Accessible parking

Every rental has its own series of unique attributes. Be sure to review different Black Hills vacation rentals to find one that fits your vacation goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more on the outdoor attractions and fun things to do on this iconic mountain escape.


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