Family Friendly

Between the epic attractions and the rich history, the Black Hills is easily one of the most impressive vacation destinations in the country for nature-lovers of all ages.

Whether old or young, the Black Hills has all sorts of fun things to do and see. We start with the area’s most popular sight- Mt. Rushmore. The kids will love seeing this testament to American history. It is the perfect picture moment.

No one can miss out on the peculiar and mesmerizing town of Deadwood. Get a look at the extensive mining history of this pivotal American sight. Take a stopover in Sturgis for the day and see Old Fort Meade or the Motorcycle Museum.

Enjoy all the many family friendly activities in the Black Hills, including swimming, sight-seeing, and, of course, fishing!

There’s no shortage of natural sights and iconic landmark destinations. So where do you stay?.

We have multi-room vacation rentals near the Black Hills for you to get the most out of South Dakota. We make sure you have a mountainside playground to call home for as long as you decide to stay.

  • Flexible accommodations for extended stays
  • Close proximity to Deadwood, Spearfish Canyon, Sturgis, and other top area attractions and shops
  • Furnished kitchen
  • Luxurious yet rustic cabin décor
  • Multiple biking and hiking trails right in the area

Every rental is a little different. We strive to give you an individualized experience. Review our Black Hills lodges and find the one that most fits your family’s needs and wants. Have an amazing time hidden in the hilltops and don’t miss out on a real vacation experience.

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