Camping in Black Hills South Dakota

Considering a rustic and isolated Black Hills camping trip in the near future? Or how about something more modern and well-equipped? What kind of camping experience do you want to have for your next mountain vacation experience in South Dakota?

The Black Hills are whimsical and majestic. Eager adventurers come ready to have an authentic and isolated experience in the foothills of America. You can join the many who have already etched their names into the history of the Black Hills.

Yet, anytime you are visiting a place nice and off-the-beaten-path, it’s a good idea to come up with a clear plan. We can direct you to the most suitable camping sites to perfectly plan your trip and provide you help when you stay. Our Black Hills vacation rentals provide the ideal foundation for any outdoor vacation experience.

Black Hills Camping-River

Camping the Black Hills

The Black Hills National Forest has about 30 different campgrounds with about 700 dedicated sites – an impressive number across the diverse terrain.

The campgrounds are sometimes open year-round, but most of them close during the winter season. Our lodges which are located throughout the Black Hills, by comparison, remain open year-round.

About half of all the campgrounds have an on-site host, but many are operated remotely. Access numbers are provided for guests who need assistance. It is rare for campground sites to have home amenities, such as water, electricity, sewer, and even showers.

You will always want to call ahead to verify what you have access to, as the vast majority do not have basic living amenities. However, for visitors looking for a rough and authentic camping experience, look no further.

Camping Activities

Camping sites often offer an assortment of site amenities and activities.

Sundance, Iron Creek, and Willow Creek also offer horseback riding experiences. At these campgrounds, you can participate in a real horse adventure in the glorious Black Hills.

Various fishing activities can also be enjoyed at most sites, including ice fishing in the winter and pond fishing in the warmer seasons. The Forest Service does not sell fishing licenses on site, so you will want to order one online, preferably before your trip.

Of course, one of the most popular activities at virtually all the available camping sites is hiking. Most have trails available in and around the campground for afternoon trips as well as for backpacking. Deerfield Trail is one of the most popular multi-day trips. If you are dedicated at a single camping area, your best bet is to venture down one of the day paths and come back before dark.

For specific information about the trail nearest you, contact one of the Ranger District Offices. You should always note your closest district office to you. We can help point you to the right trail point of contact office.

You can almost always bring your bike along for a nice biking trip through the trail paths. While the overwhelming majority of trails are open for biking and walking, many are closed to motorized vehicles.

Overall, the Black Hills National Forest is home to just under 500 miles of riveting and winding trails.

Independent Camping

While campgrounds often have strict rules on where you can camp by offering you a dedicated site, you can always opt for a more flexible strategy.

Many of our customers will take to one of our vacation rental properties while camping out for a few hours during the day or night and retiring back to an amenity-filled lodge.

Our visitors can utilize the nearby land to create an ad-hoc campsite. Simply set a tent up and enjoy the crisp evening air right outside of your vacation rental. A few family members can take to the evening tent while others stay inside.

Enjoy a campfire under the stars, but don’t forget the bug spray and additional clothing layers as needed!

With this approach, you can camp in the Black Hills without staying at one of the local campgrounds, which are often limited by electricity, water access, and other amenities.

Black Hills Camping

Ready For A Lodge?

Explore all your available options in the Black Hills. Our vacation rentals offer an incredible and vivid experience in South Dakota’s foothills. Book online today to settle your next vacation getaway before you push it off any longer.